This month the CMC have published on their website a very interesting article on the use of AI in Mediation. As a mediator from a medical scientific background where robots such as Da Vinci and Cyber-knife has revolutionised cancer treatments. I find the prospect of robotic mediation intriguing.

The article ‘Could Robots Replace People in Mediation?’, first published by Jane Player on the website of ‘In Place of Strife Mediation’ explores the possibility of using algorithms to reach an agreeable settlement. She describes the process as more of a’ blind bidding system’ and not a process whereby people in dispute are brought closer together.

It is easy to assume that mediation is just about money. A human mediator can dig deeper to identify root cause of the dispute, power struggles and the values of those trying to reach an agreement.

In her article, Jane talks about the sensitivity required by a mediator, human centered decisions and logic versus emotion.

She concludes that mediation will always require the human touch. I agree, but in the time of social distancing and zoom being the new favourite ‘meeting place’, who knows what normality is going to look like further down the road.

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Accessed 23/09/2020