If not, Mediation may be the answer. 2020 has been grim for both insurance service providers and consumers. The pandemic has resulted in people having holidays, weddings and events cancelled, people losing their jobs and businesses and lost income for those self-isolating or being off sick from work. In other words, there are many people claiming on those policies they bought to cover the effects of unforeseen events.

The insurance companies are being overwhelmed with claims for lost income by those who had taken out income protection insurance, travel insurance and event cancellation insurance. Whilst most policies are clear on what the cover, consumers are discovering that there are exclusions which may jeopardise their claim.

Communications can bat back and forth with little progression and the option of litigation may cost more than the value of the claim itself.

Mediation may be the answer. 

Compared to litigation it is very economical with consumer disputes carried out by phone or video conferencing costing as little as £75. The insurance providers and consumers can negotiate through the independent 3rd party mediator to find a solution agreeable to all without the wait time and legal costs saving time, money, reputation and stress. The emotional costs of any dispute are high but the last year has added so much more pressure on peoples lives and pockets. Mediation is confidential and without prejudice so there is no added risk if the case is not settled and ends up in court. Most mediations can be arranged within 28 days and if resolved allows both parties the draw a line and move on. Mediation is often ordered by the courts by which time legal costs have accrued, so give it a go, not because you have to but because mediation works!