How Mediation Works

Email or call, tell me more about your dispute and how I can help.

If you decide mediation suitable I will then send you a referral form. This provides details of the parties involved and a brief history of the dispute

I will then agree and confirm a time and date for the mediation. This can be at a location of your choice.

The parties will then attend the mediation. It will normally last the whole day so please be prepared.

Agreements can be drafted and signed on the day.

What will it cost ?

All costs are per party based on the higher of the claim or counter claim.

Amount being claimed      Fees per party       Length of session

£5000 or less                    £75                         1 hour - telephone/video mediation only

£5000 or less                    £125                       2 hours – telephone/video mediation 

£5000 to £15,000             £320                       3 hours

£15,000 - £50,000            £445                       4 hours

Each additional hour is charged at £100 per party

Claim over £50,000 - 1% of claim per party

The cost of the venue and refreshments is excluded.

I can help source a venue if required which will need two rooms as a minimum and available 30 minutes before start.

Mediation can be arranged with as little as a weeks notice.

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