How Mediation Works – Getting Started

Email or call, tell me more about your dispute and how I can help.​

If you decide mediation is suitable complete a referral form.

We will then agree and confirm the duration, time and date for the mediation which can be by telephone, online or face to face at an agreed location.

​The parties will then attend the mediation.

​Agreements can be drafted and signed on the day.

​What will it cost ?

​All costs are per party based on the higher of the claim or counter claim.

Amount being claimed Fees per party Length of session
£5000 or less £75 1 hour telephone/video mediation only
£5000 or less £125 2 hours telephone/video mediation
£5000 to £15,000 £320 3 hours
£15,000 – £50,000 £445 4 hours

Fees payable in advance, workplace mediation fees are paid by the employer.

Each additional hour is charged at £100 per party

​Claim over £50,000 – 1% of claim per party

Concessions available, terms and conditions apply

​The cost of the venue and refreshments is excluded.

​I can help source a venue if required which will need two rooms as a minimum and available 30 minutes before start.

​Mediation can be arranged with as little as a weeks notice.

Let’s Discuss Your Case