Some cases can require a huge amount of time and work, whereas some can be settled by an experienced mediator, with very little time needed, and just a few emails.  Below are some examples of previous cases I have settled, running the gamut of the above extremes.


A client had signed up for a free trial with an online academy.  At the end of the trail the client believed she had cancelled the subscription and deleted her payment methods but the payment for the ongoing subscription was still taken.  When the client disputed this, via telephone, they were offered a 25% refund and lifelong membership, but were refused a full refund.

Upon my getting involved, an introductory email was sent to both parties, requesting information.  2 weeks, and a couple of emails later, the academy had refunded the client in full.


The client had a resin-based drive laid at the front of their house, to allow for multiple cars to be parked there.  This had been laid on top of an asphalt sub-base.  After just a couple of months, it had started to lift.  This was repaired by the contractor, but the fault recurred shortly after.

By this time the contractor had stopped returning messages, so the client felt they had no alternative than to get in direct contact with the supplier of the product, and for them to re-do the works.

Initially, the client was trying to claim £4350, the cost of having the work redone by the supplier.

After preparing the case for one hour, and 1.5 hours mediation time over the telephone, the contractor agreed to pay the amount of £3300, £800 of which was to be paid in 7 days, and the rest as increments of £500 per month.

The client had this to say about their experience:

‘From a position where the defendant would not communicate verbally, the mediation service was able to speak direct to present an opportunity to reach an amicable agreement in this case. This allowed the claimant to elaborate on their position, communicated impartially by the mediator which brought both parties together to settle through mediation and bring closure in 2 hours to a situation that had evolved over several months with no progress’.