Rosendale Mediation is now able to provide Mediation observations for newly qualified mediators wanting to apply for registration. The aim is to give a full 360 degree experience of the mediation process rather than just a view of the mediator/participant discussions. I found that I was surprised by how much communication is required just to get the parties to the table and then just how much correspondence is sent in order to ‘save time’ on the day.

To this end, observers will receive
· An anonymised view of the pre mediation correspondence showing you the process leading up to the actual day.
· A 30 minute pre mediation session for observers to ask any questions
· Brief discussions between speaking to the parties to provide insight into the mediators strategy and thought process.
· Experience of how the settlement gets agreed when parties are not there in person to sign


Experience of a dispute not settling
· What the settlement agreement looks like
· Discussion afterwards to talk through what happened, where the turning point occurred if a settlement was reached


Reasons why no settlement was reached and the application of hindsight.

All observations are subject to signing of a confidentiality agreement and observation fees available upon request.