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Sept 21, 2020

Talk, Listen, Resolve
New Mediation Service Launches For Local Residents & Businesses as UK Courts Report 500,000 Case Backlog

Residents and businesses in the North West now have access to a new alternative dispute resolution (ADR) provider as Rossendale Mediation Services launches.
ADR is mediation. As opposed to costly litigation, mediation is an affordable and readily accessible service that puts the people in dispute in control of the outcome. Mediation is accessible to all and a very flexible option as participants can meet over the phone and online - as well as in person. This flexibility is a vital solution in our current pandemic crisis and beyond.
Headed by managing director, Dr Jackie Kenny, Rossendale Mediation Services: “2020 has already been a tough year for everyone – consumers and business alike. The future still looks uncertain with costs and budgets being squeezed. Nobody wants to waste money on lengthy legal proceedings when in the hands of a trained accredited mediator, disputes can be resolved with the minimum time, fuss and more importantly cost.”
Mediation services have a proven track record saving UK businesses millions of pounds a year. Figures published from the CEDR (Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution) shows that as mediation helps stave off litigation, businesses save over a £1 billion a year in wasted management time, damaged relationships, lost productivity and legal fees. The 2017 Civil Justice Council’s Interim Report on the future role of ADR reported that mediation was used in 87% of cases involving either commercial contract (45%) or professional negligence disputes (42%). Not only is this a growing sector in the UK, but with widely reported half a million case backlog currently in UK courts due to COVID-19, mediation services are predicted to boom.
Mediators commonly work where a dispute has arisen over a contract. So, for business contracts that can be landlord and tenant disputes, or disputes with insurers or bankers. Property boundary disputes are commonly resolved through mediation. The health and beauty sectors are also growing rapidly with healthcare disputes around personal services such as dentistry, laser eye surgery and cosmetic Botox and fillers.
Workplace mediation can provide a safe environment for employers and employees to resolve disputes and improve or repair relationships within the working environment.
Negativity and low morale within teams can cost employers thousands in loss of productivity, staff turnover and potential litigation. Mediation can identify the root of the problem, improve understanding, communication amongst colleagues resulting in improved morale and effective team working.

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About Rossendale Mediation Services
Talk, Listen, Resolve are the watchwords for Rossendale Mediation Services. The company’s mission is to advocate for its clients in a dispute resolution in a forum which is sympathetic, risk free and de-escalates the conflict for the parties involved to reach a mutually satisfactory agreement.
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