What a sucess!

When mediators first become accredited they are on a mission to observe real mediations and obtain the points needed for CMC registration. With the aim of helping them to achieve this in a work life balance compatible way,  the first ‘Observer Day’ was held yesterday.

e mediators were able to observe two mediations with the opportunity to discuss and ask questions between private sessions and to share the mediation experience with the mediator.

The day included a short presentation on ‘Getting Started in Mediation’. This was interactive with the participants sharing their own experiences of starting up  company and the effectiveness of different types of marketing strategies.

Many of the observers who have joined me on mediations have expressed struggling with the breach between initial training and actually being ready to practice.  Rossendale Mediation is looking to start a network and schedule some events that will help to breach this gap.

Whilst mediations can be somewhat intense, a good day was had by all and I look forward to being able to repeat it if there are mediators who would feel they would benefit from such an event.

Please contact jackie@rossendalemediation.co.uk or via the website with your expression of interest



#alternative dispute resolution