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Mediation in the Workplace - Toxic Team to Super Team?

Toxicity thrives where disputes, disagreements and misunderstandings are left unaddressed.

Workplace mediation differs from civil and commercial mediation as the emphasis is on repairing and maintaining relationships with an aim to restoring morale and positive team working.

In our places of work we are bound by policies and codes of conduct laid down by our employers. However this is not always sufficient to maintain morale and prevent disputes between work fellows.

Below is a list of areas of workplace dispute some of which are unavoidable but with facilitated communication can result in an improved working environment.

· Equality and diversity issues

· Bullying and harassment including sexual harassment and inappropriate behaviour

· Changes of management and procedures

· Change of location

· Redundancy

The effect unrest at work can cause

· Stress

· Low morale

· Loss of productivity

· Loss of trust between colleagues

· Increased staff turnover

These tensions can come at a high financial cost to the company and compromise the resilience of staff.

Mediation, working with different levels of staff can turn this around improving morale, resilience and productivity.

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